Hello world!

IMG_0898After almost a full year of procrastination and indecision, this site is finally live. The post is only a marker, and will be removed soon… In the meantime? Here’s a memorable vision from a visit to Nantucket in March of this year. After turning 50, and then proposing to Karen, the two of us gazed into this beautiful, cold abyss. To our left were three teenage kids, riding their bikes maniacally, crashing them into sand dunes. To our right? A dead sea lion, washed ashore, most likely the victim of a boat propeller. Life, past, present, and future, all summed up in one moment… I’ll write a summery of this upcoming glorious mess very soon. Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m planning on visiting you, and other fellow travelers (we are all traveling in our own way), here, locally, and then beyond, encroaching upon the rest of the planet in due time. It should be fun.